E-Learn Training Systems

2544-itok=6VNdleLFNow you can train your employees and team members faster and more effectively with eLearn Training Systems (ETS).   Your training materials will be professionally designed as a web-based training system for you—you own everything and host the training system on your intranet*.

Our experienced and talented staff will help you every step of the way—from idea to execution to maintenance.

Faster Learning Through Web-Based Training (WBT)

eLearn Training Systems and Online EducationOnline training, also known as web- based training (WBT) will create a better, interactive learning environment.

As a result of eLearn Training Systems, you will:

  • Put your training system online, for any department
  • Witness the entire learning process of each trainee—length of test time, study habits, strong and weak areas, and much more
  • Keep your trainees accountable through every phaseCreate a Better Team Faster and More Efficiently
  • Automate the entire learning process
  • Gain immediate feedback of training protocols
  • Easily discover what training sections need to be updated, enhanced or even removed!
  • Heighten the learning process by using the most current online education techniques

Slash Training Costs

  • Reduce training time and costs—no need for excessive classroom style meetings
  • Decrease company travel costs
  • Help your employees to master important company procedures
  • Reduce the environmental impact—dramatically reduce the need for paper and material costs
  • Convenience and flexibility to learners—they can get more done in less time