About ETS

ETS TeameLearn Training Systems (ETS) is equipped to help you with every phase of your training needs. Our specialty is in making your life easier by re-designing your existing “paper and ink” training materials into a sleek, fully automated and user-friendly training system—on the web.

Your employee training procedures will be fun, interactive,
engaging and will hold your trainees accountable every step
of the way—teaching you more about your employed team members.

From developing content, on virtually any topic, to designing a
user-friendly web interface to automating the learning and testing procedures,
ETS can help you train more employees faster and more efficiently.

About The Executive Team

eLearn Training Systems (ETS) is composed of a highly talented team
of educators, content experts, needs assessment academicians, programmers,
web design experts, database developers and information technology experts.
Our executive team has over 100 years of related experience—all focused to help you develop the best online training possible.

About Samuel Hirschberg
VP of Business Development

Once you and Sam have clearly identified the online training objectives, Sam works closely with the ETS operations department to establish a Scope of Work (SoW) and an operational timeline. A professional at every step, Sam has an impressive corporate background as a successful business owner of a Marketing and Advertising firm and as an executive with two category leaders in the franchising industry, playing an integral role as VP of Marketing, growing the brands to over 700 locations worldwide. Sam also has a rich history in eLearning and web development and is a professional author of dozens of computer-based learning systems.

To get your training systems online, you can contact Sam at
sam@elearntrainingsystems.com or call (805) 220-7800.

About Torri Ellman
VP of Operations

Torri oversees every phase of the project coordinating production schedules, managing work flow and adhering to production timelines. Torri has worked with Fortune 50 and 100 clients such as Cannon, Epson, Wellpoint and Amgen and has had her work featured in national magazines such as Photoshop, PC Photo and Digital Photo Pro. Torri is state certified to teach over 50 program applications.

About John M. Fees
IT Director

John has written dozens of robust training programs, hundreds of database programs in many languages and authored hundreds of website platforms. John is well-versed in virtually every programming language, script and network configuration, and is a veteran to overseeing programmers, technical staff and the development of multi-million dollar projects. John is an integral team member and consults on every project to ensure it is effectively organized for maximum usability.

About Kristy Hirschberg M.Ed.
Director of Education

Kristy oversees the industry standards, evaluates curriculum and develops exam questions. Holding a Masters Degree in Education and Technology from the prestigious Pepperdine University, Kristy has served since 1999 in the education industry. Kristy is a professionally credentialed multiple subject teacher with an English Language Authorization certification. Kristy has worked with national award winning programs, high achieving public school systems, and non-profit organizations with a high emphsis on customer service.