E-Learn Training Systems

2544-itok=6VNdleLFNow you can train your employees and team members faster and more effectively with eLearn Training Systems (ETS).   Your training materials will be professionally designed as a web-based training system for you—you own everything and host the training system on your intranet*.

Our experienced and talented staff will help you every step of the way—from idea to execution to maintenance.

Faster Learning Through Web-Based Training (WBT)

eLearn Training Systems and Online EducationOnline training, also known as web- based training (WBT) will create a better, interactive learning environment.

As a result of eLearn Training Systems, you will:

  • Put your training system online, for any department
  • Witness the entire learning process of each trainee—length of test time, study habits, strong and weak areas, and much more
  • Keep your trainees accountable through every phaseCreate a Better Team Faster and More Efficiently
  • Automate the entire learning process
  • Gain immediate feedback of training protocols
  • Easily discover what training sections need to be updated, enhanced or even removed!
  • Heighten the learning process by using the most current online education techniques

Slash Training Costs

  • Reduce training time and costs—no need for excessive classroom style meetings
  • Decrease company travel costs
  • Help your employees to master important company procedures
  • Reduce the environmental impact—dramatically reduce the need for paper and material costs
  • Convenience and flexibility to learners—they can get more done in less time

Our Excerpts Will Put All The Pieces Together For You

eLearningeLearn Training Systems (ETS) provides all eLearning development services and solutions. ETS uses many web-based training & educational tools to provide you with the perfect online training solution.

By understanding industry standards including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and SCORM compliance, our professional team of developers can offer you several options to get the job done right for you.

eLearning Development Products and Services

  • Turn your current classroom style training into an interactive, web-based training system
  • Transform your “paper and ink” training materials into an online learning system
  • Turn your existing PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, and other digital files into SCORM compliant eLearning
  • Develop custom eLearning games, quizzes, classes, lectures, and more
  • Update your current online training program
  • Update your Learning Management System
  • Integrate flash, audio, video, and other modern training systems into your current programs
  • If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

 Depending upon your needs, we offer three main eLearning development suites. Each program contains a clear

Scope of Work (SoW) and a timeline, managed for you by your personal ETS project manager:

  • eLearn Experience – The eLearn Experience contains the “whole nine yards”. This is a high-end, custom-tailored program developed any way you want it. Fully customized and branded, this eLearning training program contains all the bells and whistles, with options for flash, audio, video; fully intuitive and intelligent – if you can imagine it, our talented programmers and staff members can make it happen for you!
  • eLearn Excellence – A semi-customized eLearning program, with some company customization. The eLearn Excellence is the next best thing to the eLearn Experience.
  • eLearn Express – When you need a professional online training program, without a lot of extras, the eLearn Express puts your training program online effectively and efficiently.