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Team-course-sampleThese are the Types of Training Programs We Put Online for You:

  • Ethics + Compliance
  • Safety
  • Sales Training
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Product Training
  • Fraud and Abuse
  • New Policies and Procedures
  • Procurement

Here’s How Our Team Can Help You, Starting Today

Dedicated to heighten the learning experience for your staff, we put all the pieces together by developing engaging audio and visual components, using a full video crew when needed, flash design experts, content experts and professional programmers. The eLearn Training Systems can help your company train more people to be better, more competent employees faster than you ever thought possible!

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More About Web-Based Training Systems

sample1eLearn Training Systems and Online EducationWeb based training systems are known by a wide variety of contexts. Also known as TSL, or technology supported learning (or education), web based training systems, in many cases require little to no face- to- face interaction —empowering more of your staff to get more done, faster.

When developed properly, the eLearn training process alone can almost immediately help you decrease costs and increase training efficiency—exactly where ETS specializes. ETS focuses on strategic eLearning systems used interchangeably with additional components, such as audio, video, flash productions, interactive features, testing protocols, and the latest methods to ensure long term retention. Strategies such as these help companies deliver proper training over their employee network.